What’s happened this fortnight the 16th December 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…… and Christmas trees have certainly taken over outside Kilburn tube station. And we’re loving the light decorations on this house opposite the tube.

The Kilburn History walk led by Alan was attended by more than 40 people and took us from St Cuthbert’s to St Augustine’s. Do not miss the next one!

Please do go and visit the wonderful interiors of St Augustine’s, the Cathedral of North London. Here are the opening times for this month. Continue reading

What’s happened this fortnight 2nd December 2018

In news this fortnight we were incredibly saddened to hear that a man died in a fire along with his pets in a flat in the Sidings Estate.

A child, who is a pupil at Kingsgate school, was also hit by a car last week. Will Camden council do anything to make our roads safer?

And in final bad news, a pensioner was taken to hospital after trying to tackle a thief in the EE store.

Kilburn used to be called the music mile. Our local historian, Dick Weindling, has been trying to compile a full history of 234 Kilburn High Road. With acts as famous as Bowie, Nirvana, the Pogues, it would be great if you could send us a list of acts you have seen there and pictures of programmes or tickets to complete the events record of one of Kilburn’s musical landmark.

Grange Cinema in 1930’s

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What’s happened this fortnight 18th November 2018

What is the link between Kilburn and Elton John, Jeff Beck, U2, Eric Clapton, Roxy Music, Simply Red, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Suede and the Biograph Cinema? Well, it is 248 Kilburn High Road.

The ticket windows in Kilburn Park Station got a green make-over. What a great idea!

“White Teeth” at the Kiln Theatre has been receiving very good reviews and not only from us. We were pleased to see Zadie Smith’s mother at the community day yesterday. A significant number of people enquired about the possible return of children workshops and children Saturday theatre shows. We were told that both would be returning soon, which is great news.

Bradley Wiggins mentioned his childhood in Kilburn.

Maison de la Vie cafe celebrated their first birthday on 10th November, with cake and music. Continue reading

What’s happened this fortnight 4th November 2018

Somebody else agrees with us that Kilburn is getting fabulous food places but needs tender loving care.

Maison de la Vie are hosting live music every Friday. Worth a visit.

The Philippine Consul visited Philip San who have been getting great reviews. If you have not done so, please go and visit, great food and nice staff.

Have you eaten at Zero 75 in Belsize road?

Northwest trading at 106 Kilburn High Road took street trading to the new level of bus lane trading, while Inspire dental Care finally got a new sign.

A strange structure appeared by Kilburn tube station raising speculations about its purpose.

Friday 26th October was the first preview night of “White Teeth” at our local theatre. The set is Kilburn High Road  and Mary, a well known character to those who have lived in Kilburn for some time, is at centre stage. The play is excellent and a celebration of Kilburn’s quirkiness. Do go and see it, you will not be disappointed and you may learn the song about Kilburn High Road.

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What’s happened this fortnight 21st October 2019.

We enjoyed glorious weather this weekend.

Grange Park was at its best with numerous “Pokemon Go” players congregating on Sunday, the Police horses exercising, dogs being walked, yoga in the middle of the green, tennis and football being played while kids ran and leaves turned beautiful colours. We love our park and would welcome more investment in it. So please spend 2 mins to request Camden spend some CIL money on it. Continue reading

What’s happened this fortnight 7th October 2018

We went to check out the new plans for the Kilburn Grange adventure play area. What do you think?

This week we were very sad to read that yet another pedestrian was killed while crossing the road in Kilburn. Detectives are appealing for witnesses. Pedestrian safety improvements are urgently needed by Camden and Brent councils.

Have your say on how Kilburn could be improved with a liveable neighbourhood bid. Sustrans are running survey days on the Brent Side and have a quick survey online that all can asnswer.

Finally all the the old  estate agents signs on the Brent side of the Kiburn High Road have gone. What a difference!  Now we just need Camden Council to follow suit on the other side. One small step to cleaning up the high road….

The new wayfinder sign out the front of Brondesbury station is already out of date. It refers to the Kiln theatre as the Tricycle and signposts the Netherwood Day Centre that closed a while ago and is set to reopen as a Youth Centre.

The police horses were out exercising in Kilburn Grange Park in the lovely autumn sunshine

If you want to report antisocial behaviour in Kilburn Grange Park we have the contact details here

There has been a decision to remove the ticket offices from our two overground stations. Click here if you want to have you say.

Have a great idea on how to spend the CIL (Community Infracstructure Levy) money on the Camden side of Kilburn, please have your input, takes 2 mins and is important to ensure that this money does not disappear somewhere else and the pot stands at £163,000

Music legend Bob Harris had an evening of conversation and performance at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

Need somewhere to work for a few hours? Piccolo cafe at the northern end of the high road is getting a good rap.

A Xfactor contestant visited Kilburn Park School, while no less than Princess Kate visited Paddington recreation grounds and met with some of Kilburn’s children.

After a bite to eat? Funky Burgoo had some positive feedback this week as did The Sweet Spot. New Japanese restaurant Philip San Sushi continues to get good reviews.

Maison de la vie have introduced a loyalty card and the cafe/restaurant at the Kiln is fully opened.

A new shisha cafe is opening at 11 Kilburn High Road.

Unfortunately Aldi post refurbishment is still not proving popular, would help if they had more staff on the tills.

Will it be another Costa or a dentist? These are the current rumours but we’ll have to wait and see.

The Caribbean restaurant Soul Kitchen has closed for good

A 5 star west end play came to Kilburn with tickets for only £6 at the Kingsgate community centre.

Unfortunately 2 shops had their windows smashed this week-end. Ariana II was one of them and on the day after the visit of Stanley Johnson. who loved the Kabuli Palow.

Is the Sir Colin Campbell your favourite London pub?

Mapesbury Dell won another gold bloom award.

Kiln Cinema finally reopened and here is the full screening schedule.

Dick Weindling wrote an other piece on an actress with links to Kilburn and Oscar Wilde.

The community association for West Hampstead is after a part time worker

Need to relax? There are now yoga classes at the Granville every Monday night at 6pm. There are also yoga classes starting at Templar House every Tuesday evening.

Rubbish woes on the high road continue. Thanks to some vigilant and vocal locals for continuing to report the issues.

In our last newsletter we brought you Brent’s promotion video of Kilburn, now is the text. Enjoy.

Regular Events

Monday Nights: comedy/show nights at the North London Tavern, Open Mic at Sir Colin Campbell

Tuesday Nights  quiz at the Black Lion Kilburn and at the Priory Tavern.

Wednesday nights:  open mic  at the Earl of Derby, Swing dance at the North London Tavern

Thursday nights: Open Mic at the North London Tavern, Karaoke at the Earl of Derby

Friday nights:  Live Irish Music at Sir Colin Campbelllive music at the North London Tavern, Karaoke nights at the Cock Tavern, band night at Earl of Derby and Live Music at Maison Vie.

Saturday nights: Live Irish Music at Sir Colin Campbell, retro evenings at the North London Tavern, DJ night at Earl of Derby.

Sunday nights:  quiz at the North London Tavern, Live Irish Music at Sir Colin Campbell

Saturday from 11am to 1pm Gardening in the St Cuthberts garden

What is happening this fortnight

9th October 11am-1pm junction of Willesden Lane and Kilburn High Road- Sustrans survey Your chance to say that you want safer crossings, better pavements.

10th October 7-9pm Brent Kilburn  Safer neighbourhood Ward Panel

13th October 12-6pm South Kilburn Youth Consultation at the Granville

13th October at 7.30pm Immersive sound projection in St Augustine Church.

13th October 12pm – 4pm – Sidings Community Centre heritage fair

17th October – The next Fordwych Residents’ Association meeting will be held

19th October 2.30-4pm JUnction of Willesden Lane and Kimberley Road- Sustrans survey.

20th October – Yoga and brunch at Quartieri

What is happening a bit later

27th October- Musical History of West Hampstead and Kilburn walk

27th October  Restart Party at Kingsgate Community Centre

10th November- Repair Cafe at the Granville. Learn how to fix your clothes.

17th November – next BRAT AGM at 7pm

1st December 12pm to 3pm Restart Party get your electronics fixed at the Abbey Community Centre

4th December 6.30 to 9PM AGM and Members meeting of the Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan Forum

If you have news, an event, some local history or just a favourite corner of Kilburn you’d like to share please email us news@lifeinkilburn.com or tweet to @lifeinkilburn.

What’s happened this fortnight 23rd September 2018

Dick Weindling, our local historian has published 3 new posts. One about West Hampstead’s connection to the 1994 IRA bombing,an other about a local Kilburn policeman who was badly attacked and left for dead by burglars and the last one about a Kilburn connection with the London Pavilion.

Speaking of police, Camden hosted on 13th September, a Kilburn Community Safety meeting attended by about 40 residents, the Police (from Commander to local PCSO’s), the Community Safety Officer, the Senior Environment Monitoring officer, the Licensing and HMO officers amongst others. We are glad to report that Inspector Richard Berns committed to work more closely with Brent’s Police. Of note was the absence of our Kilburn Councillors, Flick Rea being the only Councillor in attendance. Read here for the coverage of the meeting by the Kilburn Times.

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What’s happened this fortnight 9th September 2018

The big news this week is that, after 2 years of refurbishment, the Kiln (formerly Tricycle) theatre has reopened! Love or hate the new name (The Guardian did an opinion piece on it here), we’re glad to have such an amazing cultural venue available on our doorstep. We saw Holy Sh!t on opening night and thought it was excellent and recommend you attend.

Once upon a time, when Kilburn was the music mile, the Smiths recorded their first album at the National Ballroom in Kilburn.

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What’s happened this fortnight 26th August 2018

The Good Ship site is under threat again with a new planning application. The plan is now to have an A4 (drinking establishment unit) at ground and basement floor levels, with 9 new flats above. The issue is that the size and configuration of the proposed A4 unit would not allow music/comedy performances. Most of the Ground floor will be corridors, stairs, lifts, bin and bike spaces reducing A4 size at ground floor from 285sqm to 133 sqm. Please object! This is why we think the Good Ship is important to Kilburn.

Last week-end Alan guided some of you through the history of Kilburn. A lot of enthutiastic feedback and a photo album. We hope the tour will be repeated soon as it was fully booked.

Speaking of history….Have you ever spotted this plaque?

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