What’s happened this fortnight 26th August 2018

The Good Ship site is under threat again with a new planning application. The plan is now to have an A4 (drinking establishment unit) at ground and basement floor levels, with 9 new flats above. The issue is that the size and configuration of the proposed A4 unit would not allow music/comedy performances. Most of the Ground floor will be corridors, stairs, lifts, bin and bike spaces reducing A4 size at ground floor from 285sqm to 133 sqm. Please object! This is why we think the Good Ship is important to Kilburn.

Last week-end Alan guided some of you through the history of Kilburn. A lot of enthutiastic feedback and a photo album. We hope the tour will be repeated soon as it was fully booked.

Speaking of history….Have you ever spotted this plaque?

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