Upper Kilburn High Road public realm work- Update

Following on our post of the 18th March 2024, that you can read here, the detailed drawings for the Upper Kilburn High Road scheme are finally available.

Please click here to see them.

Addition of 5 benches:

  • one outside 336 Kilburn High Road- Convenient for people buying alcohol next door
  • one outside Spring Court. The sheltered housing residents will surely appreciate the likely ASB just outside their windows
  • one outside 385 Kilburn High Road, next to the phone box
  • one outside Sainsbury’s, behind the Decaux sign.
  • one outside 310 Kilburn High Road.

All for benches, but one has to question their positioning in an area prone to Anti social behaviour. Only time will tell…

Lighting up of existing tree pits and repositioning of trees and new/relocated trees

  • new trees outside 348 Kilburn High Road , outside Spring Court, 310, 312 and 314 Kilburn High Road (5 trees)
  • relocated trees from the middle of the pavement outside 383 and 391 Kilburn High Road

Cycle stands: addition of 14 stands.

  • 2 outside 348-246 Kilburn High Road. None between Loveridge Road and Maygrove Road which is rather strange since both the staff of Folkies Music and their customers travel by bike.
  • 5 between 377 and 383 Kilburn High Road. There are already 5 on this stretch so not addition but relocation.
  • 1 outside 363 Kilburn High Road
  • 3 outside 328 Kilburn High Road
  • 7 existing stands between 339 and 349 Kilburn High Road to remain
  • 3 new stands outside 325 Kilburn High Road
  • 5 new stands between 310 and 316 Kilburn High Road

Double yellow lines or zig-zag lines on the whole length between Cavendish Avenue and Dyne Road and between Maygrove Road and Palmerston road except in front of 308 to 314 Kilburn High Road and between 331 to 333 Kilburn High Road where there iare no loading restrictions between 7 and 10am and between 4pm and 7pm. One has to hope there will be parking enforcement…

Continuous paving at all junctions except Iverson road and Cavendish Road.

What do you think?