Proposed Kilburn Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) bids for December 2018

We have a favour to ask of Kilburn locals. Can you please write an email of support in favour of the below three NCIL bids for December? Money is available to help improve our local neighbourhood but we need businesses and locals to help support these bids to make them happen.

Unfortunately the deadline is today BUT….. it won’t take you long to do.

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Why retaining the “Good Ship” site as a Music and Comedy venue is important for Kilburn.

We don’t want to dwell on the past but…

The Kilburn High Road , not so long ago, used to be known in London as the “Music Mile”. Progressively most live entertainment venues have disappeared. To name just a few, The Luminaire, nationally acclaimed as a stepping stone for new musical talents, the Gaumont State where acts as famous as Sinatra and the Beatles performed, The National where the Who and many others played, the Powers Bar, again an important live venue owned by the founder of Mean Fiddlers….It is sad to report that the Gaumont State became a Church although Andrew Lloyd Webber wanted to use the building as a school for Musical artists and as a performance venue. It did not happen because some local groups opposed the move on the basis of parking disturbances. Pubs, serving locals and attracting visitors to the area, have also disappeared, e.g. Biddy Mulligan’s, now a bookmaker, the Ironworks, the Betsy Smith, the McGoverns, the Red Lion and the list goes on. Continue reading