July 2018

What’s happened this week 29th July 2018

School is out, but there is plenty to do at most Community Centres. Here is a link to ARC offering free activities in Rowley Way Want to learn more about where you live? There is a FREE guided tour on 19th August to learn about Kilburn’s history and secrets. Highly recommended.

What’s happened this week 15th July 2018

A few of us were quite annoyed by the frequent and very low flights of helicopters and Ospreys accompanying the Trump’s visit. What a racket… Morrocan Deli at 269 Kilburn High Road opened. Kamayan Filipino restaurant at 227 Kilburn High Road is undergoing refurbishment and promises to offer sushi.

What’s happened this week 8th July 2018

This week was about… Football, and next week will be about Football… It did not stop us attending both the Jester Festival on Fortune Green and the mini festival at Grange Park, where the highlight, apart from the talented ICMP students was our tennis coach turning into a singer.