What’s happened this week 29th July 2018

School is out, but there is plenty to do at most Community Centres. Here is a link to ARC offering free activities in Rowley Way

Want to learn more about where you live? There is a FREE guided tour on 19th August to learn about Kilburn’s history and secrets. Highly recommended.

New restaurant Funky Burgoo near the Kilburn Grange Park entrance on the high road opened this week for your burgers, wings and fries fix.

A children entrepreneurs fair took place at the Granville today, and it looks like they had business in mind despite the rain…

On the anniversary of her death, we reminisced on an old video of Amy Winehouse driving up and down the top end of the Kilburn High road and Shoot Up Hill.

We were really happy to read that music is still produced in Kilburn.

The above pic was when the State was Mecca Bingo and Ladbroke’s Biddy Mulligan.

Have you spotted the new Kingsgate billboard the North is Next? Prints and badges are also available for sale with proceeds going to the Alliance for Choice charity that campaigns to extend the 1967 Abortion Act to Northern Ireland.

Aldi is closing on the evening of the 5th August for refurbishment. It is due to reopen on the 13th September.

There was a meeting chaired by local MP Tulip Siddiq regarding the controversial HS2 vent shaft that is proposed for South Kilburn. It is proposed to be built outside St Mary’s Catholic Primary School.

Yet another nail and beauty salon is opening.

Due to the heatwave all BBQ’s in parks have been banned, including Kilburn Grange park.

Neighbouring West Hampstead had an other fire in a block of flats. No one was injured.

There was a burst water main at Shoot Up Hill earlier this week.

We really appreciated that Shell are making efforts to clean off the Gafitti on their site. Unfortunately our Kilburn mural has once again been tagged this week.

Brondesbury Park overground station is ripe with courgettes! Check out the veggie patch and bee hives next time you’re waiting for the overground. Energy Garden organised a tour of ALL the stations where they have started a garden and have promised to organise an other one soon.

Want to help maintain the garden beds at Kilburn station, then join Michael at 11am next Sunday.

This week a new gym, Anytime Fitness, opened at the southern end of the Kilburn High road.

The contract to construct the new Peel Precinct in South Kilburn has been awarded.

Want to know why Cricklewood is NW2 and Kilburn NW6?

Carluccio’s in the Mariott Hotel got a good review. Canaletes on Willesden Lane is really appreciated, while Quartieri was mentioned as one of the 5 London restaurants to visit this weekend.

It looks like Piccolo Cafe (was Belvedere Traditional) will open soon.

The controversy around the change of name of the Tricycle continues with the Private Eye again covering the story and the promise of a meeting between campaigners and the Tricycle management facilitated by MP Tulip Siddiq.

If you’re looking for a job, a restaurant in nearby West Hampstead is recruiting, as is the new Piccolo cafe.

Charity shop Traid have done it again with another inspiring window design.

Unfortunately there was a serious road rage incident at the bottom of the Kilburn High Road on Thursday.

Please note, we will be scaling back the newsletter to once a fortnight. Next newsletter will be on the 12th August.

Regular Events

Sunday nights at 7pm are quiz nights at the North London Tavern.

Monday Nights are comedy/show nights at the North London Tavern.

Tuesday Nights are quiz nights at the Black Lion Kilburn- not this week because of football.

Thursday nights are Open Mic nights at the North London Tavern

Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights have an in house DJ at the Brondes Age pub

Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9pm, Live Irish Music at Sir Colin Campbell.

Friday nights – live music at the North London Tavern from 7pm and Karaoke nights at the Cock Tavern from 9PM

Saturday from 11am to 1pm Gardening in the St Cuthberts garden

Saturday – retro evenings at the North London Tavern from 9pm

What is happening this week

5th August- Gardening at Kilburn Station from 11am to 1pm.

What is happening a bit later

18th August- Restart party at the Abbey Community Centre to get your electrical items fixed

19th August – There is a FREE guided tour to learn about Kilburn’s history and secrets.

1st September Restart Party at  Kingsgate Community Centre to get your electrical items fixed

13th October at 7.30pm Immersive sound projection in St Augustine Church.

If you have news, an event, some local history or just a favourite corner of Kilburn you’d like to share please email us news@lifeinkilburn.com

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