The mysterious works on Kilburn High Road.

These signs appeared at the top of Kilburn High Road on the 9th March 2024.

We checked on several websites and found out that they were relating to the long promised footway renewal. However there were no details to be found.

On the 11th March we wrote to Brent Council’s Highway management to find out more, phoned the number on the signs and went to speak to several businesses, who had no knowledge of the planned works.

On the 12th March 2024 the GWH Contracts Manager phoned us back confirming that the work would be consisting of the following between Willesden Lane and Kilburn Station and the equivalent stretch on the Camden side:

1. footway renewal

2. replacement of light columns

3. addition of trees

4. general pavement decluttering

He informed us that, to his knowledge, Brent had sent letters to all residents and businesses affected by the works.

On the 14th March 2024, we received a message from Brent that a letter had been delivered to businesses and residents. To this day the letter has not been received by anybody, but we were sent a copy and a schedule of works.

Below is the email that refers only to works between Dyne Road and Kilburn Station (and equivalent on the Camden side)

Here is the letter that was meant to be delivered to all businesses and residents. Please click here to see the letter.

We asked for detailed drawings of the scheme and are still awaiting them.


It is welcome that finally the pavements at the north end of Kilburn High Road will be redone. Sadly no detailed drawings have been made available and one has to wonder how decisions have been made to place trees and cycle stands. It doesn’t seem that local residents and businesses have been involved. Also there is no confirmation that pavement renewal will extend all the way from Maygrove Road to Willesden Lane.

Here is a picture of what it might look like.

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