What’s happened this fortnight 23rd September 2018

Dick Weindling, our local historian has published 3 new posts. One about West Hampstead’s connection to the 1994 IRA bombing,an other about a local Kilburn policeman who was badly attacked and left for dead by burglars and the last one about a Kilburn connection with the London Pavilion.

Speaking of police, Camden hosted on 13th September, a Kilburn Community Safety meeting attended by about 40 residents, the Police (from Commander to local PCSO’s), the Community Safety Officer, the Senior Environment Monitoring officer, the Licensing and HMO officers amongst others. We are glad to report that Inspector Richard Berns committed to work more closely with Brent’s Police. Of note was the absence of our Kilburn Councillors, Flick Rea being the only Councillor in attendance. Read here for the coverage of the meeting by the Kilburn Times.

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What’s happened this fortnight 9th September 2018

The big news this week is that, after 2 years of refurbishment, the Kiln (formerly Tricycle) theatre has reopened! Love or hate the new name (The Guardian did an opinion piece on it here), we’re glad to have such an amazing cultural venue available on our doorstep. We saw Holy Sh!t on opening night and thought it was excellent and recommend you attend.

Once upon a time, when Kilburn was the music mile, the Smiths recorded their first album at the National Ballroom in Kilburn.

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