A story about Brent Council bins on Kilburn High Road

In July 2022 Brent Council announced that they would install 25 new duo bins in the Kilburn Town centre in August.

Wow we had been campaining about that for more than 3 years! See here a selection of bins, November 2018 outside Kilburn Station, replaced in March 2019 by 2 new duo bins, selection of disparate bin designs in April 2019, the disappearing Brondesbury Station Bin (june 2019) replaced by an old battered bin (July 2019), the Spicy Basil bin, broken, removed but not replaced (November 2019), the Kiln bin (May 2021), and we could go on…

Great anticipation was built by the announcement, August came and went, no new bin! Incredibly new replacement bins appeared on the 16th September 2021, but wait 25 bins were mentioned we could only spot 15 new bins in the town centre.

Admittedly we did not wander down Willesden Lane, but a reliable source informed us of the installation of 3 new bins.

Feel a bit short-changed here, as one would have thought that the bins that have been removed without replacement over the last few years would have reappeared but no!

The disguting bin outside Kilburn Station, the “Welcome to Kilburn” area, according to the highly paid town centre team, has not been cleaned nor replaced! See picture taken today.

What is more worrying is that this bin was installed in March 2019, 3.5 years ago, was never cleaned. This is probably what the highly praised new bins installed today will look like very soon.

While new bins are certainly welcome, there needs to be a systemic cleaning programme as well.

The duo metal bins that have been replaced, as they were “past their best” were installed late 2018. Again they were not maintained.

picture taken 16th September 2021
public bins- Brent side marked in red

There has been no attempt at spacing the bins adequately or in reflection of the changing nature of businesses over the years. We have marked in red the postion of bins on the Brent side as of 16th September.

Brent are responsible for cleanliness of pavements on the West side of Kilburn High Road from Oxford Road in the South to Kilburn Station in the North. There are long “bin deserts” in the High Road. No bin between Oxford Road and Brondesbury Villas, despite numerous takeaways, a bus stop and shool children crowding the pavements. The bin that was in front of Greggs, corner with Brondesdury Villas, removed early this year has not been replaced.

The bin outside Spicy Basil, removed this year, has not been replaced.

They have kept the bin by Oxfam not near a crossing nor a fast food shop.

The bin at the North corner of KHR and Willesden Lane, removed this year has not been replaced.

The bin outside “GB Corner”, by Burton Road, removed this year has not been replaced.

There is a lengthy “bin desert” between the Kiln and Brondesbury station.

The bin by bus stop A (outside Tesco Express), has been moved further away from the bus shelter. Why as it is mailnly used by people waiting for the bus?

So all in all, 3 bins removed in 2022 have not been replaced and the issue of long stretches without bins has not been addressed! A job well done! Let’s hope that the new bins will at least have a regular clean and that Brent replace the disgusting bin by Kilburn Station.

Below are pictures of the new bins for you to enjoy!