Abbey Road Estate redevelopment phase 3.

Camden Council started the re development of the above Estate in 2013. The development was due to be carried out over 15 years in 3 phases. Phase 1, delivering 141 homes is completed, phase 2 is under way.

The original Camden page about the development, here claims a delivery of 241 homes overall in the 3 phases.

Phase 3 was planned to deliver 100 housing units, in buildings ranging from mews houses (15) to flats (85) in 6/7 storeys and outline planning application for those was pproved in 2014. The relevant planning application is number 2013/4678/P.

Surprising to see an online DMF (development Management Forum) for phase 3 of the Estate, that asks interested parties to attend for the development of 139 Homes (compared to 100 previously) in 4 to 11 storeys buildings (was 2 to 7 storeys buildings before). See here

Also interesting that no plans have been supplied before the meeting and the link to to consultation website is absent.

Planning permission granted in 2014 was an outline planning premission for phase 3. One wonders what is the value of an outline planning permssion if 7 years later the height of buildings and number of dwellings can be so dramatically altered.

Please register to attend the DMF to find out more on the 23rd November 2021 at 7pm. Registration here.