“International Ballet” at the Gaumont State in May 1948.

Found an interesting advert for the International Ballet in May 1948 at the Gaumont State Kilburn

The “International Ballet” company was then well known to stage authentic Classical Ballets. They performed at the opening of the Royal festival Hall. It was founded in 1941, touring wartime Britain. It was the largest Classical Ballet Company and founded by Mona Inglesby, who became the head Ballerina. It closed in 1953.

Inglesby starred in the production shown at the Gaumont State and was accompanied by some other very famous people. Algeranoff was born in the UK and toured extensively with Anna Pavlova. Nicolai Sergueeff, also known as Nicholas Sergeyev, was directing the show. He had been working as a regisseur of the Imperial Ballet at the Maryinsky Theatre, St Petersburg before the Bolshevik revolution. He is credited for having saved the records of the Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov choreographies of some 20 classical ballets

See Mona Inglesby, founder and head dancer perform Swan Lake in Spain in 1953. She dances with Ernest Hewitt who also was in the Kilburn show. Probably what the Kilburn audience would have seen in `1948.

Listen here to a very interesting BBC radio 4 Programme on the “International Ballet” and Mona Inglesby. They mention people commenting on their experienc watching the shows in the Gaumont State.

Love the tag line “Europe’s most luxurious Theatre” at the top of the advert.