Kilburn’s first “Bring, Swap & Take” event

We are delighted to organise with The Kilburn Tin Tabernacle the first “Bring, Swap & Take” event in Kilburn on 10th December 2022.

How does it work?

  1. Rummage in your cupboards for clothes and toys that are in good condition but you do not need anymore. Think of that Christmas jumper that you bought on a whim years ago, but wouldn’t be seen wearing now, or of this skiing suit, that has been lingering at the bottom of your wardrobe. What about all these clothes that you have been keeping, hoping that they may fit you again soon, but reallistically the soon probably won’t happen? And these toys that your children have outgrown and have not been playing with for months? All those impulse purchases, that have not been used? Clear out your cupboards and make space for things you will use!
  2. Clean and bag the items you have gathered and bring them to the event between 12pm and 2pm. Volunteers will exchange your items for tokens that you can use later in the swap event. It is simple, 1 item=1token. Volunteers will sort and display your items while you go away for lunch, a coffee or a walk…or for whatever you fancy really…
  3. Come back at 2pm and browse what is on display. Swap your tokens for items you see and would find a use for. Imagine exchanging the token you got for your Christmas jumper, for a fancy party dress…Or the token you received for football boots that your son has outgrown, for a scarf…If you don’t want to take anything, feel free to pass on your tokens to others and spread the word…
  4. From 3pm to 4pm, anybody, will be welcome to take any item that has not found a new home. So tell your neighbours, that they can take part even if they don not have any item to bring in.

How much does it cost?

The event is totally free to attend. No catch, no details taken…

Where is it taking place?

The Kilburn Tin Tabernacle, 12-16 Cambridge Avenue, NW6 5BA. A few minutes walk from Kilburn Park Station and Kilburn High Road Station. Additonal bonus is that the Tin Tabernacle is a listed building with an incredible interior, that needs to be seen. You know, that building that doesn’t look much from the outside and you always wondered what is inside…This is your opportunity to do discover the building.

What happens if I can’t find anything that I would like to take home?

There is no guarantee that participants will bring things you would like to take. We can’t offer to give you back your items and you must be ready to part with them even if there isn’t a swap that you like. However, spreading the word about the event would ensure that there are a lot of partcipants and thus increase the likelihood of an adequate swap. If you don’t want to swap anything for your tokens, then please consider donating them to others.

What items can I bring?

  1. Clothes and clothing accessories: Please bring any item of clothing that is clean and in a good condition. We will not accept worn out clothes, clothes with holes etc.. Basically anything that you would give to a friend to wear. We cannot accept underwear, swimwear or nightwear. However shoes (in pairs), belts, scarves, hats and gloves (in pairs), are welcome.
  2. Toys: any clean and complete toys except for cuddly toys. If you bring board games please ensure that all the pieces and instructions are available.

Why this event?

This event has the aim to promote re-use of items that have been forgotten in cupboards. You will make space in your cupboards and find a good local use for your possessions. You could even update your wardrobe and your children or grand children could get a new toy. We are also mindful that some of our neighbours will find it hard this Christmas so this is a good way of distributing not needed items of clothing and toys to those who need them. What is unused by you might delight somebody else! We hope that this event will also help you meet some of your neighbours.

What happens to what nobody wants to take away?

We cannot store items that will remain without a home at the end of the event. All remaining items will be taken to a local charity shop.

Refreshments and toilets

We will be selling cups of Tea and Coffee on the day from 2pm. Funds generated from the sale of refreshments will go towards the maintenance of the building. There are toilets available on site however there will not be a changing room.

Would you be able to volunteer?

We are looking for a few volunteers to run the event. Please send an email to if you would like to help on the day, stating your name, telephone number and the time you could volunteer at. The perk of volunteering on the day, apart from meeting some lovely people, will be to have first choice at the beginning of the swap for 1 token.

Could you spread the word about the event?

Here is the link to our A4 page, that we encourage you to print and share with local shops, libraries or on social media.

Photgraphy and filming

To preserve the anonymity of participants, photography and filming of the event will not be permitted. However please feel free to share your finds on social media, providing the pictures don’t show any person. We will take pictures during the event but promise we will not share any picture that could allow the identification of a person.


Hope you can take part.