Local Election results May 2022

There were 22 seats contested in our wider neighbourhood. 21 seats were won by Labour, 1 by the Liberal Democrats. Congratulations to all the Candidates who were elected and also to those who were not elected but stood for election.

The turnout was quite poor in our area, with only 31% of people excercising their right to vote. Here are the turnout numbers per ward.

number of seatsnumber of votesturnout
Brent Kilburn3894424.34%
Brondesbury Park2564929.56%
Cricklewood and Mapesbury2531428.67%
Queen’s Park31137230.04%
Camden Kilburn3670329.60%
West Hampstead3823735.80%
Fortune Green3914637.20%
South Hampstead3900136.70%

Please see below your new Councillors by ward, also showing the nearest runner up, the % of the electorate who voted for the candidate and the % of expressed votes received.

Brent Kilburnnumber of votes% of electorate% of votes
Rita Begum – Labour211517.27%23.65%Elected
Rita Lacey Conneely – Labour210817.21%23.57%Elected
Anthony Molloy – Labour186115.19%20.81%Elected
Nathaniel Williams – Green Party6795.54%7.59%Runner-up
Brondesbury Parknumber of votes% of electorate% of votes
Erica Gbajumo – Labour165817.35%29.35%Elected
Ryan Hack – Labour146415.32%25.92%Elected
Sapna Chadha -Conservatives7908.27%13.98%Runner-up
Cricklewood and Mapesburynumber of votes% of electorate% of votes
Tariq Dar – Labour166918.01%31.41%Elected
Gwen Grahl -Labour147015.86%26.02%Elected
John Mark Kohut – Green Pary4374.71%7.74%Runner-up
Queen’s parknumber of votes% of electorate% of votes
Stephen Crabb – Labour238218.87%20.95%Elected
Neil Benjamin Nerva – Labour238018.86%20.93%Elected
Eleanor May Southwood – Labour234718.60%20.64%Elected
Sheila Simpson – Green Party8326.59%7.32%Runner-up
Camden Kilburnnumber of votes% of electorate% of votes
Eddie Hanson – Labour164621.80%24.56%Elected
Llyod Hatton -Labour152120.15%22.69%Elected
Nanouche Umeadi – Labour140518.61%20.96%Elected
Alexander Pelling-Bruce – Conservatives4475.92%6.67%Runner-up
West Hampsteadnumber of votes% of electorate% of votes
Sharon Hardwick – Labour133217.37%16.17%Elected
Nazma Rahman – Labour126216.45%15.32%Elected
Shiva Tiwari – Labour120215.67%14.59%Elected
Janet Grauberg – Lib Dems116415.18%14.13%Runner-up
Fortune Greennumber of votes% of electorate% of votes
Nancy Jirira – Lib dems148118.07%16.19%Elected
Lorna Greenwood – Labour147918.05%16.17%Elected
Richard Olszewski – Labour139717.05%15.27%Elected
Marcus Storm – Labour128815.72%14.08%Runner-up
South Hampsteadnumber of votes% of electorate% of votes
Nina De Ayala Parker – Labour169220.68%18.80%Elected
Izzy Lenga – Labour165520.23%18.39%Elected
Will Prince – Labour156419.12%17.38%Elected
Don Williams – Conservatives97611.93%10.84%Runner-up

Local Councillors will represent our wider Neighbourhood in both Brent Council and Camden Council. However because of the low election turnout, , most of them have only received the support of less than 1 in 5 Persons on the Election register.

Therefore we ask the following question: “Is there a need in Kilburn, for a non political network (including residents and businesses) that would gather local opinion on specific matters and lobby the Council Administrations for action?”