What’s happened this fortnight 26th January 2020

There has been a lot of talk about improvements that are needed in Kilburn way back since 2012. And that is all there has been, talk, consultations and more talk and excuses. We wonder if/when Brent and Camden councils will put any of it into action. We love this tweet, “it took 8 years for the US to put a man on the moon…..”

We were really excited to hear back in July 2019 that Kilburn would get a colourful crossing. But alas (and no surprise) it seems that this has instead gone to Wembley Park, right outside the council offices no less. We wonder if the rest of the money promised for Kilburn has also been diverted to Wembley as we haven’t seen any of the promised improvements happen here yet. We’re still being told that one day the planned improvements might happen.

We met with the Brent Highways Engineer on 15th January to point out the shortcomings of the proposed improvements around Kilburn Station. We are meeting with Brent again on 3rd February and will update you then.

While the state of public realm infrastruture is terrible on Kilburn High Road, Brent released their Annual CIL Report. They spent more than 4 Millions (strategic CIL) on improvements of the public realm of Olympic way, as part as their 17.8 Millions predicted spend at the same location. Did you know that Olympic Way is part of the Quintain Estate and thus unlikely to be owned by the Brent Council? So how can Brent spend so much on the Quintain Estate and claim that there is no money to spend on infrastructure in the rest of the Borough? We found this very interesting document that all Brent electors should read. We have highlighted the bits that you need to read. Here is the most important ‘The ownership of Olympic Way is currently unresolved between Quintain and the Council. Part VII of the Highways Act 1980 provides the Council with powers to undertake works which includes the ability to enhance the pedestrian walkway. Olympic Way is deemed a highway but it is not a highway maintained at the public expense.‘ So if Olympic Way is not a highway maintained at the public expense why are Brent spending more than 17 Millions maintaining it?

The Cock Tavern has had a change of name and direction. Sad for such an historic landmark, but welcome to the Juniper Brasserie and Bar.

An entrepreneur is opening 2 cafes/bakeries in Kilburn. The first will be at the site of Maygrove Estates, 364 Kilburn High Road next week and the next will be at 226 Kiburn High Road in roughly 3 months time.

There was a change of management of 339 Kilburn High Road, that became Baghdad. The free sharwama on the day of opening created long queues.

A new perfume mixing stall has opened at 180 Kilburn High Road.

This empty shop opposite TK Maxx, ex Williams Hills, is being converted back to 2 shops.

Zinzinia at 177 Kilburn High Road will reopen soon as “Tony and Cut” hair and nails.

We braced the cold to see Brent launch its’Borough of Cultures’, or from what we heard, ‘Wembley 2020 Borough of culture‘. There was a stage performance show but only VIP’s in the front could see it. Do not be fooled by the publicity… The crowd excluding VIP’s and performers was less than 2500 persons…. Speaking of Borough of Cultures, please attend this meeting on 5th February… The Kilburn High Road Street Party on 11th July might not be was you expect. And did anybody let Brent know that Kilburn High Road Station is in Camden?

What’s the name of this mystery street? Unless you have a sat nav or Google maps you won’t know, because Brent Council won’t fix broken street signs due to lack of funds!

Thanks to @Ghoul_of_London for having taken the fight to replace the missing’Kilburn’ of Kilburn Station.

Tfl finally cleaned some of the bus stops on the high road and even managed to reopen the shutter at Brondesbury station. Victory!

A great step taken by Camden Veolia to help with the environment. However their performance on Kilburn High Road is very poor as a freedom of information request helped us establish. Please read and write to the Kiburn Councillors. Bins not beeing collected for 3 days, and only when ressources are not taken up by Hampstead High Street or West End Lane is not acceptable!

George Orwell died 70 years ago. Here’s a blog story about his time in Kilburn.

On 22nd January, the Black Lion was transformed into a film set... That got us excited but it was for a Ladbrokes Commercial.

Interested in sewing, making or mending? Sidings has a new class starting on Monday mornings.

The shop outside the Kilburn tube station that was Kilburn flowers has got scaffolding. A sign that a business will move in soon?

We’re sad to see a loss of community space at the Granville and Carlton community centres. Brent classifies “workspaces” as community use, which clearly is misguided. Unfortunately the Kilburn Councillors did not make a representation at the Planning Committee!

There was a crowded public meeting organised by @brent_trees after many trees in the area have been cut down.

Street Kitchen offers free food in Kilburn every Friday and they have set up a twitter account. Please consider volunteering.

Do you use Kilburn Grange Nursery? Please sign this petition to hep prevent its closure.

Sadly a pedestrian was involved in a traffic collision in South Kilburn.

We experienced traffic chaos in North Kilburn last weekend and part of the week because of a burst water mains on West End Lane. However, for once, Thames Water repaired 4 days quicker than predicted!

Would you have some fabric you could donate to this very worthwhile project?

For those who did not know Sean Connery lived in Kilburn!

Kilburn has been left uncared for by the authorities but some think it’s better than Camden High Street. We have some lovely cafes, lovely pubs, restaurants and a vast array of shops catering for your every need, even none refrigerated cheese...Please avoid Coffee Kitchen though.

Kilburn Park Station by @ifartinbed

We met with the Camden Environment Enforcement team on 21st January. You should see better enforcement of illegal business waste dumping soon. If you have evidence of who is dumpng illegally in Kilburn please do send us a mail! We will forward to the right Officer.

This scaffold in front of 167-171 Kilburn High Road is unsafe according to Kilburn’s scaffold consultant. So try to avoid walking there, in front of KFC and Subway.

The paving slabs on the Kilburn high road are in dire need of repairs and maintenance. Yet there seems to be very little interest, here, here, and here. Please use this preformatted letter to write to the councils. It takes 2 minutes.

The president of Sierra Leone was in Kilburn on Sunday 19th Janaury in the Gaumont State, now a church. About 100 protestors gathered outise the Church. The police, in full riot gear had to be called.

Charteris Sports Centre offers affordable sports classes for all ages. Want to know more? Sign up to their newsletter.

Know a young person who has made a difference in their community or achieved something amazing? Then make sure you nominate them in the Camden Youth Awards 2020.

A new planning application for a mansard roof extension at 215 Kilburn High Road can be commented on until 3rd February. The proposed mandatory cycle storage is on the walls of living rooms and bedrooms!

A Kilburn Yogi has created a video to try to combat knife crime with breath. He wants to run free workshops. Please contact him if you know an organisation that might be interested.

And because Kilburn is Kilburn, you can expect anything around a street corner, from a strawberry hat to an impromptu art installation.

What’s happening this fortnight

31st January Common Eider King Eider + special guest: Evi Vine at the Fiddler

31st January 7.30pm improvised Twilight Zone at the North London Tavern, by Rhinoceros Big Friday

1st February Free entry to see Roots Rock Reggae / Steppas Dub band at the Fiddler

2nd February 1.30 to 4pm- History walk from Swiss Cottage to Kilburn led by Alan Howell.

5th February 6.30 to 8pm Learn more about the Kilburn High Road Street party on 11th July 2020 at the ICMP.

6th February Al Ross & The Planets at the Fiddler

7th February See Thru Hands at the Fiddler

8th February AGM of the Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan Forum at Charteris Sports Centre

9th February The Kilkennys at the Fiddler

What’s happening a bit later

11th February Live music at Piccolo cafe

13th February First performance of ‘Pass Over’ at the Kiln

If you have news, an event, some local history or just a favourite corner of Kilburn you’d like to share please email us news@lifeinkilburn.com or tweet to @lifeinkilburn.