What’s happened this fortnight 4th November 2018

Somebody else agrees with us that Kilburn is getting fabulous food places but needs tender loving care.

Maison de la Vie are hosting live music every Friday. Worth a visit.

The Philippine Consul visited Philip San who have been getting great reviews. If you have not done so, please go and visit, great food and nice staff.

Have you eaten at Zero 75 in Belsize road?

Northwest trading at 106 Kilburn High Road took street trading to the new level of bus lane trading, while Inspire dental Care finally got a new sign.

A strange structure appeared by Kilburn tube station raising speculations about its purpose.

Friday 26th October was the first preview night of “White Teeth” at our local theatre. The set is Kilburn High Road  and Mary, a well known character to those who have lived in Kilburn for some time, is at centre stage. The play is excellent and a celebration of Kilburn’s quirkiness. Do go and see it, you will not be disappointed and you may learn the song about Kilburn High Road.

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Island Records at 108 Cambridge Road from 1963 to 1967 (by Dick Weindling)

Island Records was formed by Chris Blackwell who was born in London, but grew up in Jamaica. In 1958 after trying various jobs and using money from his parents, he decided to record Lance Hayward, a young, blind jazz pianist who was playing at the Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay. The record was released in 1959, and this was the beginning of what would later become Island Records. The following year Blackwell had a hit with Laurel Aitken’s ‘Boogie In My Bones’. Using the money from the sales he set up a small office in Kingston. In 1962 Blackwell moved to London and began selling records to the West Indian communities in London, Birmingham, and Manchester from the back of his Mini-Cooper.

Blackwell took the name of Island Records from Alec Waugh’s novel ‘Island in the Sun’. Island Records Ltd began in May 1962 with four partners who invested a total of £4,000: Chris Blackwell, Graham Goodall, an Australian music engineer living in Jamaica, the Chinese-Jamaican record producer Leslie Kong and his brother.

From March 1963 to 1967 Island Records had their office at 108 Cambridge Road, (since demolished as part of the South Kilburn redevelopment plan). Continue reading

What’s happened this fortnight 21st October 2019.

We enjoyed glorious weather this weekend.

Grange Park was at its best with numerous “Pokemon Go” players congregating on Sunday, the Police horses exercising, dogs being walked, yoga in the middle of the green, tennis and football being played while kids ran and leaves turned beautiful colours. We love our park and would welcome more investment in it. So please spend 2 mins to request Camden spend some CIL money on it. Continue reading

What’s happened this fortnight 23rd September 2018

Dick Weindling, our local historian has published 3 new posts. One about West Hampstead’s connection to the 1994 IRA bombing,an other about a local Kilburn policeman who was badly attacked and left for dead by burglars and the last one about a Kilburn connection with the London Pavilion.

Speaking of police, Camden hosted on 13th September, a Kilburn Community Safety meeting attended by about 40 residents, the Police (from Commander to local PCSO’s), the Community Safety Officer, the Senior Environment Monitoring officer, the Licensing and HMO officers amongst others. We are glad to report that Inspector Richard Berns committed to work more closely with Brent’s Police. Of note was the absence of our Kilburn Councillors, Flick Rea being the only Councillor in attendance. Read here for the coverage of the meeting by the Kilburn Times.

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What’s happened this fortnight 26th August 2018

The Good Ship site is under threat again with a new planning application. The plan is now to have an A4 (drinking establishment unit) at ground and basement floor levels, with 9 new flats above. The issue is that the size and configuration of the proposed A4 unit would not allow music/comedy performances. Most of the Ground floor will be corridors, stairs, lifts, bin and bike spaces reducing A4 size at ground floor from 285sqm to 133 sqm. Please object! This is why we think the Good Ship is important to Kilburn.

Last week-end Alan guided some of you through the history of Kilburn. A lot of enthutiastic feedback and a photo album. We hope the tour will be repeated soon as it was fully booked.

Speaking of history….Have you ever spotted this plaque?

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What’s happened this week 22nd July 2018

It’s been an other hot week! Thank you to Camden Council for fixing our water feature in Grange Park so quickly.

Did you know famous Jazz musicians lived at 28 Brondesbury Villas?

On the music theme, have you ever been to the Sir Colin Campbell at  weekends for live Irish music? The Londonist rates it as one of the best venues for live Irish Music in London.

Precarious cleaning witnessed on the Kilburn High Road

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What’s happened this week 24th June 2018

We had a busy week and week-end with so many things happening in our lovey neighbourhood.

It started on Tuesday with the Brent Connects Kilburn meeting, where the appointment of a new Brent Kilburn Town Centre Manager was announced. We have had numerous Town Centre Managers in the past with little improvement to the street realm. So we hope that this time, people who live and work in Kilburn will be listened to and improvements will be made. Please continue to use  this  consultation to register your comments about Kilburn as the consultation is oppened until 2019.

It was “Open studios week-end” at Kingsgate Workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The workshops were saved from demolition in 1976 and the first artists/makers moved in in 1978. A beautiful example of what community involvement can achieve. Did you go?

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What’s happened this week 20th May 2018

Architectural excellence in Kilburn? RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architecture) and Resi (Residential development) think so, with both Kingsgate School in Maygrove road and Kilburn Quarter in South Kilburn winning important awards this week.

The Granville Community Kitchen also won an award for being a Urban Food Hero.

The Manchester United fans promised to turn Kilburn red on Saturday and they managed to do so at all major pubs, the street and in Grange Park. Continue reading