2018 Local elections results by Ward

Kilburn is covered by 6 wards.There were some surprising results with Brondesbury Park ward loosing its 3 Conservative Councillors in favour of 3 new Labour Councillors.

The Kilburn area is now represented fully by Labour Councillors, except for one Liberal Democrats Councillor in Fortune Green Ward.

Quite a few new faces, 2 in Brent Kilburn, 3 in Brent Brondesbury Park, 2 in Brent Mapesbury and 3 in Camden West-Hampstead ward. Fortune Green and Camden Kilburn continue with the same Councillors.

Results by ward.

Brent Brondesbury

Brent Kilburn

Camden Fortune Green

Camden Kilburn

Camden West-Hampstead

Brent Mapesbury

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