Why the in-fills in Kilburn Square should be stopped…

Why the in-fills in Kilburn Square should be stopped….

According to the 2011 census, Kilburn has a very high population density on the Brent and Camden sides.

In 2011, the Population density in Brent Kilburn ward was 18110 persons per Square Kilometre, ie by far the most densely populated ward in Brent. This obviously doesn’t reflect the increase of the number of units (+2000 units) due to the South Kilburn Regeneration. See below the population density by ward for Brent (persons per Square Kilometre)

In 2011 the Kilburn ward housed 5.46% of Brent’s total population on 2.18% of Brent’s land surface.

On the Camden side, Camden Kilburn ward has a population density of 17554 persons per square Kilometre, making it the second most densely populated ward in Camden, just after Kings Cross. There again the ward houses 5.47% of the Camden population on 3.15% of the land surface. See graph below for Camden’s population density per square kilometre by Ward

While there is a definitive argument to build housing, to house a growing population, one as to ask why this much needed housing cannot be built in “underpopulated areas”.

There are already plans to increase the size of the Watling Gardens (huge tower and blocks) and Windmill Court (huge tower and blocks) estates significantly, very much in the Kilburn area despite being in the Mapesbury ward.

Also worth mentioning is the nature of the housing planned, ie Council Housing. Kilburn Brent already has by far the largest number of Council housing units in Brent, ie 1600 units compared to 1480 in Stonebridge. So 20% of the Council housing stock in Brent is in the Kilburn ward, on 2.18% of Brent’s surface!

So why remove more green spaces and add more tower blocks in Kilburn? Because it is easy… The Council owns the land. However Kilburn High Road is highly polluted and thus green spaces are invaluable. Worth mentioning as well is the lack of quality infrastructure to accommodate this high density population. Where are the doctor surgeries, schools, community centres, sports centres to accommodate such a growth. Where is the investment in public realm, especially on the High road?

Say no to this over development that will be at the detriment of other Kilburn residents and ask Brent to find other areas to add more people, ie in the less densely populated areas. There are 9 wards in Brent with a population density of 6000 per square Kilometre or less (1 third of Kilburn’s population density) to choose from!

Please voice your opinion at the consultation events as shown here