Gece Gunduz at 316 Kilburn High Road

Welcome to Gece Gunduz, that opened at 316 Kilburn High Road on the 9th September 2022.

This address has seen a quick turn around of numerous businesses in the last few years after the favourite Ellie’s Cafe closed.

We hope that Pery and her family will succeed in building a successful business.

They offer a variety of Turkish pastries, breakfast, an assortment of gozmele, smoothies and more…

Pery, will welcome you with a warm smile
Delicious Turkish tea and pastries offered graciously to accompany our delicious and filling spinach gozleme (£3.95) that we forgot to take a picture of.
Gozleme menu. Yum…
pastries display
Drinks menu

Pay them a visit and let us know what you think. The staff of Hilal, next door, certainly thought it was a great addition to Kilburn High Road!