Newsletter 18th July 2021

What an eventful last 2 weeks, lows and highs a plenty.

On the 6th July Kilburn erupted in celebrations after Italy’s victory in the Euro 2020. On the 7th July celebrations again after England’s victory, with people dancing on cars. Sadly no repeat of the celebrations on the 11th July! Maybe they should have spent the night in Kilburn…

At 4pm on the 12th July a Thunderplump, followed by lightning, started. A few minutes later 100’s of homes and numerous businesses were flooded by sewage.We received numerous direct messages from residents not knowing were to turn to. We supplied emergency numbers but Thames Water and the Councils could not be contacted. Residents were left to fend for themselves for hours! Suddenly at about 7.45pm the flood water started to recede very quickly, while it was still raining. This prompted us to investigate our sewage system and lost rivers. It is evident that something went very wrong, ie Thames Water did not take appropriate actions in a timely manner. We are still waiting for answers from Thames Water.
A few striking video and pictures, Belsize road at 5.30pm, here at 5.55pm, Kilburn park road at 6.06pm,Chichester Road 7.28pm, The devastation of the flood was clearly visible the next day, here, here, here,. Businesses were forced to close from TK Maxx, to Hart and Lova, to Kilburn Tattoo, and many others. The flood also affected charities like Granville Community Kitchen and K2K radio and St Augustine Church, Mosques and  our medical centre. The response of the community, where the authorities failed  was exceptional. We managed to arrange to find accommodation for 2 families offered generously by local people, the Granville kitchen was able to supply food on Friday thanks to generous donations and street kitchen were serving free hot food on Friday, despite one of the coordinator being flooded. We have a wonderful community that steps into action when the authorities fail. However, the authorities fail Kilburn far too often…

Covid cases are rising quickly. They have doubled in our area since our last newsletter! Please be considerate of others and continue to wear a mask when shopping or in indoor spaces to protect others and yourself. Please get vaccinated but remember that the vaccine doesn’t protect you 100% and that even if vaccinated caution is still required. Half a local cricket team, despite being double vaccinated tested positive.

Kilburn Square Estate proposed development:These proposals contradict the Brent Local plan. The Mental Health facility and the old GP surgery( now an artist studio) are designated as an “employment zone”, where employment should be protected and yet these spaces will bebe demolished and replaced by flats. A further report “Inclusive Growth Strategy- Environment” identifies this area of Kilburn as a “Local open space deficiency area”, yet the proposal will remove a football pitch and a large children playground, In the same local plan Kilburn Square is identified as an Anti Social Behaviour Hotspot. The proposals includes the opening of the green space at the base of the tower that was closed because of ASB. Yet these concerns were brushed off at a consultation we attended. Additionally the joint “Health and Wellbeing Strategy consultation reinforces the need for residents to have access to green spaces. WE URGE YOU, whether you are a Brent or a Camden resident,  to fill in a quick questionnaire from Brent, to voice your disagreement to these proposals that not only will add another 17 storey tower but 4 other blocks. Deadline is 23rd July. See here for details of the proposals and a nice before and after map.

Kilburn Square frontage Planning application. Please comment on this application by the 6th August. Do you really want an outdated replacement to a run down area? Surely if a replacement is to take place, it should be something we can be proud about.

The crosses spotted on our pavements were replaced with tarmac. The High Road now is a patchwork of slabs and tarmac. We are told that tarmac is a temporary emergency repair but we all know that most temporary repairs have been here for 4 years. Here is an example of a 4 year old repair and a new repair. This is unacceptable!

More ineffective signage has been spotted. Brent have copied the Camden anti fly tipping signs! Signage is not a substitute to enforcement action, when will they learn?

On the 5th July a Mercedes car crashed into scooters outside Ciao-Ciao, resulting in knives being seen and a police chase. On the 14th July, a car chased by the police crashed on Shoot-Up Hill damaging the bus stop and the fence.

Maygrove Peace park got a great renewed activity area. Sadly the water play feature in Grange park was not working this weekend. Come on Camden, you can do better!

Well done to Josie Warshaw who became a local Cycling Community Champion. Josie creaed the wonderful Cyclestatic that offers expertise and parts to fix your bike every Saturday on Streatley Road.

Sidings Community Centre hosted their first Summer Jam on the 10th July.

We went to see “The Invisible Hand” at our local theatre. The 5 stars reviews are very much deserved. Go and see it before the 31st July.

Park Place of 254 Kilburn High Road, changed their address to 1 Espalier Gardens.

Vicky McClure seems to enjoy Kilburn with more filming of Trigger Point taking place in Hereford House.

Newart installation?

What’s coming up?

3rd July to 31st July- “The Invisible Hand” at the Kiln Theatre
3rd July to 24th July-free exhibition at Kingsgate Project space. Thursdays to Saturdays 12pm to 6pm
22nd July Sip & Paint event at Bokor
22nd July- Brent Connect online for Brent residents
24th July – 11am to 6pm Community Fun day at the Granville
24th and 25th July- Open Studios week-end at Kingsgate Workshops
24th July- Live Music at the Shreriff Centre
30th July- training to become a “walking for health Leader”
31st July Short Film Festival at the Granville
31st July and 1st August Free Children and families theatre in Grange Park
1st August – help maintain the grow beds at Kilburn Station from 11am
5th August Sip & Paint event at Bokor
Check out the Fiddler’s gigs