Covid Vaccination Uptake- Why are so many people still not protected from serious COVID infection?

Vaccination data taken from and reflects vaccination up to the 5th August 2021

We have been downloading for a while data from the above site to inform you on infection rates for Kilburn and Vaccination uptake. The data is downloaded by MSOA (Mid Layer Super output Area) the lowest level of data that is available. MSOA’s are not the equivalent to wards, and here is an handy map for the MSOA’s in our area.

map of MSOA’s around Kilburn

The vaccination uptake in and around Kilburn is still very low, compared to London levels and National levels. 4 in 10 adults have no protection against COVID and less then 5 in 10 adults have received 2 doses of the Vaccine.

Camden and Brent are respectively the 5th and 6th London local authorities (out of the 32 local authorities) with the lowest uptake of Covid Vaccination (1st dose). Westminster, our neighbours have the lowest rate of 1st dose uptake.

Digging deeper, there are 982 MSOA’s in London. We have extracted the data and ranked the MSOA’s by uptake of the 1st dose of the Vaccine. 1 being the MSOA with the lowest uptake and 982 being the MSOA with the highest uptake. We then look at the top 25% of MSOA’s in this ranking and have highlighted in red the MSOA’s that fall within the 25% of worst upatke of 1st Vaccine.

18 (out of 34) MSOA’s in Brent fall within this 25% of worst upatke of the 1st dose of the vaccine.

12 (out of 28) MSOA’s in Camden fall with the 25% of MSOA’s with the lowest uptake of the 1st dose of the vaccine. Striking is the fact that Camden has 4 MSOA’s within the 10 worst uptake of 1st dose vaccine!

It is quite clear from the above data that there is a serious issue about vaccination uptake in our area and more widely in Camden and Brent. Is it because local Vaccination opportunities are not advertised effectively? Is it because there aren’t enough local vaccination sites? Is it because there is more vaccine septicism in our area? A lot of our population is not on social media and it is striking that local vaccination sites are advertised very late on social media. We find it difficult to find out about local opportunities so guess that it is even more difficult for others.

Please speak to your neighbours and give them a nudge to get the vaccine. If they are Camden residents, this page, updated frequently can help you provide information about where to get the vaccine. If they are Brent residents please consult this page. Both these pages link also to useful information about the safety of the vaccines.