The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra and Young Brent Musicians- Resound

It was a pleasure today (14th August 2021) to attend a performance of original compositions by the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra musicians and young Brent musicians on Kilburn Square.

The group met on 3 days this week for 2,5 hours each time in Salusbury School and composed 2 pieces, “Wemba” and “5 Rings”.

This is part of the “Resound” project, that brings music to local communities. The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra is relocating soon to Brent.

Nice to have gotten the chance to speak to a few of them. Interestingly one of the Philarmonic Orchestra musician, was brought up in Kilburn on Victoria Road. He remembers going to the Saturday’s film projections in the Kilburn State.

If you have missed the event, here are clips of the 2 pieces.


“Wemba” video

5 Rings” video

The videos are unedited, so excuse the quality in places.