Newsletter 31st May 2021

The last 2 weeks have seen large “Thunderplumps”in Kilburn. Luckily the weather goods listened and we eventually got a nice and sunny bank holiday weekend.

Several water features became prominent on the High Road, facilitating active travel. Pedestrians were delighted by the free muddy showers. The lake outside Bokor, became a small sea, splashes were to be had at bus stop P, vistors to the Kiln needed waterproofs  and plastic pollution became apparent in the permanent water feature outside MP Moran and Savers. A large lake also appeared in the lower end of Kilburn High Road.

The Coopers Arms have added a front seating area.The Juniper reopened and are offering a pint of Guiness for £3.90 one of the cheapest in Kilburn!
The Brondes Age reopened and has been fully transformed!
Habaybna II at 363 Kilburn High Road got a new refurbishment but don’t seem to have reopened yet.
The very short-lived “Ranya Barbers” at 159 Kilburn High Road is being refurbished into a clothes and jewellery shop.
and… GB Corner, the bakery at 231 Kilburn High Road is finally opening on Tuesday 1st June.

Sadly Fire and Spice at 312 Kilburn High Road have closed down. They had been at this location for years and helped so much during the Covid crisis. We will miss them!

Breaking news on the 17th May! Kilburn High Road is finally receiving some public realm investment! Well,  it’s only the lower part of the High Road, and the part with the lowest footfall, but it’s a start after waiting for so long. Work to begin in June. Please see this thread for a reminder of the promises that were made and never implemented since 2013. We will continue to ask for more to be done. You can also send a letter using this tool to ask for improvements to the Kilburn High Road. You just need to enter your postcode and email address!

We attended a seminar led by the Institute of Place Management. The motto was that place management should not only be about place making but more about Place Keeping, Place Maintaining and Place Gardening, meaning that authorities should invest in robust Place Maintenance solutions, ie maintenance of existing buildings and facilities, cleaning of public realm, effective rubbish disposal solutions etc… They should also listen actively to the needs of the local population rather than direct from the centre. Wish our Council Officials and Elected representatives were taking hints from them!

On the 22nd May, the “Anyone can grow event took place in Grange Park. The aim is to create a community garden in Grange Park .A great crowd showed up to collect seeds and soil.  Please contact the organisers if you would like to help. Their email is

18th May, a “consultation” event was help in Windmill Court. Again more infills planned, 2 new blocks and one is not welcome to attend the consultation if a neighbour not living on the Estate!  The Kilburn Square residents went to the local press.

Covid vaccinations were facilitated with Vaccine Buses, pop-up vaccination centres in the last 2 weeks, all over Kilburn. Follow us on twitter for updates on where to get your vaccine. And when you get vaccinated you might learn something new! We are 60% bananas, in case you didn’t know. If you find it difficult to get to a vaccination centre, Pedalmeapp are offering free rides to and from vaccination centres.

Gabriel Krauze, a local author, is getting fame with his book “Who they was”. His book is now available in paperback and is a recommended read to gain an insight into the gang culture in South Kilburn. The book is now being released in the US to great critics acclaim.

Go and see “Reasons you should(n’t) love me” at the Kiln Theatre. A brilliant play that runs until the 12th June.

Kilburn State of Mind are holding a free fundraising event in Queens Park on the 6th June. They have also started a gofundme page to support the work of the charity. Please consider a donation if you can.

St Augustine’s Church celebrated its 150th Birthday this weekend.

K2K radio have collaborated with the Kiln, listen here.

A plumber was badly injured after an explosion in the toilets of Cookes Amusement Centre, next to the Old bell.

Several local businesses are currently recruiting:
Nursery at the Latin American House in Kingsgate place
Christ Church School on Willesden Lane
Sir Colin Campbell pub.
Kiln Theatre
Kilburn Tattoo

Brent are running a consultation on how services should be delivered. Sadly they do not seem to ask what service levels should be delivered and how service delivery should be monitored! We have seen in Kilburn that Parking enforcement by SERCO on the High Road is non existent, and that Conway’s work on pavement is not monitored having led to paving slabs being replaced by tarmac with not consequence to them!

Brent continue to advertise Wembley in Kilburn! Do they advertise Kilburn in “Quintain” land?

Free cycle repairs are available again in Streatley Road courtesy of Cycletastic. They also organise rides for beginners from the Granville Centre.

Our local historians wrote 2 great stories. One about a Kilburn gang of Bank robbers  and one about wether Lillie Langtry ever lived in Kilburn. They also found out where Billie Piper lived in Kilburn and updated their brilliant music map.

Did you see the walking tree? and because Kilburn is Kilburn, Unicorns roam free, and there is a place to get your “diary pruduct”.

What’s coming up?

until 12th June- Exhibition at Kingsgate Project Space.
until 12th June- “Reasons you should(n’t) love me” at the Kiln Theatre.
3rd June 3to 5pm- Free Community Event by SHAK. with food, sports and more.
3rd June- 6 to 8pm- Online Co-design Event for the Carlton Boulevard
6th June 11am – community gardening at Kilburn Tube station. All welcome.
6th June 12pm-5pm- Kilburn State of Mind Event in Queen’s Park
6th June 6pm on Zoom- Vitrtual Tour of Kilburn High Road
Check out the Fiddler’s gigs