Newsletter 16th June 2021

It is getting hot! Hopefully the play water feature in Grange Park will reopen this summer. Sadly it has not been available for 3 years. Come on Camden, you can do better, kids are begging you to sort it out!

Don’t miss the filming of “Trigger Point” in South Kilburn! Filming is taking place in Kilburn until the 18th June . You may spot some familiar faces or witness some dramatic special effects.

Why not visit the “Good Stuff” in Kilburn Market? A nice quiet spot, away from the bustle of Kilburn High Road. Lovely Carribean vibe in this lovely weather. We tasted the carrot juice, with a special twist, and will be back.

Looking for Ice cream for dogs, or want a nice relaxed coffee, head to 98 Willesden lane. You could also visit Offside books at 92 Willesden Lane and bag yourself a bargain read.

“Slemani City” at 363 Kilburn High Road opened on Monday. “Big Bites”, yet another burger and chicken place are opening at 256 Kilburn High road. “Fireaway” opened on 11th June at 306 Kilburn High Road with a special offer. Strangely, their colour scheme, orange and black, matches their neighbours (German Doner Kebab) colour scheme.
GB corner at 231 Kilburn High Road are still testing their equipment before opening. We were lucky enough to taste some of theirt tasty, baked on site, products.

Rumi’s Cave on Carlton Vale are hosting a wonderful Malaysian Cafe and invite you to their Souk days on 19th and 20th June.

Did you see the billboard by ” Cold War Steve” “celebrating the arrival of Summer” under Brondesbury Bridge?

Well done Derick Rethans for managing to picture the partial Solar Eclipse on 10th June, despite the clouds!

Fancy a bit of Gardening? Why not help maintain the garden beds at Kilburn Tube Station at 11am on the first Sunday of each month,  help with the St Cuthbert’s Community Garden every Saturday or visit the OK club in South Kilburn on Tuesdays?

Rubbish, more bins and more fly tipping… Camden have “retired” their clean Camden app. Please install the “Love Clean streets” app and report! Don’t forget to report over flowing public bins as this creates an immediate financial penalty for Veolia. This app works for both Brent and Camden. The streets in our area sadly ranked top in the number of fly tipping reports in Camden. Constantly reporting cleansing issues is a way to highlight the plight of our neighbourhood and hopefully address issues. To know what a fly tip is, please read here. Rather puzzling that Adam Harrison, Camden cabinet member for a Sustainable Camden, claims that the anti fly-tipping campaign in Kilburn has been a success. Special mention to Costa Coffee, Claire’s Accessories and Card factory that blatantly do not hesitate to plague our high road with their illegally disposed off waste!! You may want to sign this petition calling on Camden to address the rubbish situation in Camden.

The Camden Development Management Forum for the O2 Site has once again been cancelled due to purdah, because of the by-election of a new Fortune Green Councillor following on Flick Rea stepping down from her position. In the meantime, why not read some confidential documents about the development, brought to light after a FOI request?

Sadly the residents in Bourne Place, South Kilburn, once again had no hot water for a number of days. These poor residents, leaseholders and social tenants, have now suffered for years, with permanent issues to heating and hot water systems, falling windows, damp, extortionate service charges and more. Brent Council are the free holders but do not seem to want to get involved in sorting out the issues with L&Q!

The introduction of the School Street in Minster road has generated numerous fines for drivers who didn’t notice the signage. We have had confirmation today that Camden are reviewing signage and will remove fines, on appeal, if more than one fine was issued by driver in the last month.

The main  Kiburn’s water feature in Kilburn has finally gone! It took one whole year! But no worries we got a new one, courtesy of Thames Water! The “roller coaster” in Willesden Lane has finally been fixed after 4 attempts by Brent Council. An excellent pavement repair, masterly performed by Brent Council, outside Hilal.. Never a dull moment with the failing infrastructure in our neighbourhood…. and did you see any work in Lower Kilburn, on the promised improvements to the public realm? We have not!

Our older residents enjoy having a break and a chat on one of our only 3 benches on the High Road. Why can we not have more benches for the old and the young to linger on our High Road?

Templar House Residents Association are looking for a football coach. If you can spare a few hours on Friday evenings, the amazing Street Kitchen Kilburn team are looking for volunteers.

The Kiln Theatre, in collaboration with Food for All, continue to provide free cooked meals. Now on Mondays rather than Tuesdays.

A nice little film about Nowruz celebrations in our Iranian Kilburn Community.

Want to know more about our great landmark, The Gaumont State? Here is a little film we just discovered. Look at this programme for “Cinderella”, running for 2 weeks at the Gaumont from 26th december 1950. The Gaumont also had its own orchestra, with radio broadcasst and even records.

Another Kilburn hidden gem is the Tin Tabernacle on Cambridge Avenue. Take a look at this virtual tour to discover its amazing interior. HMS Bicester will be revealed to you!

Our local historians, Dick and Marianne made it into “The Times”. Do not miss Dick’s talk on the 25th June about Decca Studios and the KLooks Kleek. Did you know Kensal Rise was home to a Velodrome, and a massive sports ground?

Loved the free event organised by Kilburn State of Mind on the 6th June in Queen’s Park. The great news is that the team have been asked to organise annually a similar event. Well done Kate and Alan.

The number of Covid cases is rising sharply in our neighbourhood. The rate of increase in the number of infections is much higher than back in October 2020. Yet the vaccination uptake in Camden and Brent is still very low.  Please get vaccinated and try to convince your neighbours to do the same. A mass vaccination centre is being set-up in Bridge Park on 19th June, offering 1st time Pfizer Vaccination and second dose Astra Zeneca Vaccines. Bridge Park is only 30 mins away by public transport from Kilburn so please book here or share with your neighbours.

Did Ginger Spice donate her iconic dress to our local charity shop?

Can a good night sleep, right here in Kilburn, lead you to victory? Seems to have worked for the 3 Lions.

Heaven in Kilburn? Of course

And because Kilburn is Kilburn, feel free to play guitar on top of a local roof and  “Good botherers” blurting out offensive slogans, beware as the Kilburn Community will not let you get away with it.

What’s coming up?

18th, 19th and 20th June– Live streaming of “Reasons you should(n’t) love me” for £10.
19th and 20th June- 12pm to 6pm Souk at Rumi’s Cave, Carlton Vale
25th June Live Comedy returns to the North London Tavern.
25th June 7.30pm – Zoom talk by Dick Weindling ” Decca Studios and the Klooks Kleek”
4th July- 11am Gardening at Kilburn Tube StationJust turn up to help maintain the planted beds.
10th July- “Summer Jam” at Sidings- Please enrol your basket ball team.
24th and 25th July- Open Studios week-end at Kingsgate Workshops
Check out the Fiddler’s gigs

Picture by Allison Phillips