What’s happened this fortnight 12th May 2019

The two brothers who caused a night of chaos and no less than 3 helicopters to hover above Kilburn until the early hours of the morning have pleaded guilty in court.

And on crime…. a lot of shop windows have been smashed along the high road in the past few weeks. Those damaged in this fortnight include the new Tex Ann restaurant and Maison de la Vie.

…And there were thieves at the North London Tavern…in 1946.

The “Tin Tabernacle” will be opening its doors on 31st May for a night of music. If you’ve never been inside, please attend and discover a gem of Kilburn.

Would LEGO rainbow colours underneath Kilburn’s bridge cheer the area up? Some locals think so! We’ve heard that CIL money is planned for colourful lighting istead. Hopefully this does happen. In the meantime LEGO bricks were spotted on a Kilburn House.

We’re happy to report that Camden residents can now also benefit from reduced price tickets at the Kiln Cinema.

“The Half God of Rainfall” at the Kiln got good reviews. Only one week left to see it! Next play will be “Wife” starting on 30th May. The Kiln are also running a community production and are looking to recruit locals.

Camden are set to ban diesel Ice Cream vans. Is that the end of this familiar sight by Grange Park and Kingsgate school? At least children may finally have an adventure playground in Grange Park and we are asking for these uplighters at the entrance of Grange Park to be fixed to restore some Kilburn pride!

Duck Duck Goose are rumoured to open in around 2 weeks time, but are they installing decking without planning permission?

The Good Ship’s site business unit is being marketed as a shell for £85000, and it is not even built yet. A ploy to request change of use to something else than the required A4 use?

Finally the hoarding near the medical centre, 271 Kilburn High Road, has gone and Day Lewis Pharmacy are making it their new home.

A new food centre is opening on the site of Paradise Parlour at 145 Kilburn High Road.

Parking restrictions do not seem to be enforced on Kilburn High Road, see here and here and here and here and here just in the last week. May we remind Brent and Camden Councils that one of the reasons that TFL refused funding for the Kilburn Liveable Neighbourhood bid was lack of parking restrictions enforcement?

Do you own a business in need of some free tech support? Click here.

Kilburn hosts 2 underground rivers. Please read this thread to find out about the Westbourne. You may have to attend this historical walk to find out about the other one on 9th June.

We spent 2 hours highlighting public realm issues on the Brent side of Kilburn High Road to the Brent Neighbourhood Manager. 27 issues in less than 300 meters! Hopefully we can see some of these issues resolved soon.

Brent have proudly announced a £20 Million budget to fix pavements and Shama Tatler assured us that Kilburn High Road would benefit. But they omitted to say in their press release that the budget was over 3 years and would only allow to fix a tiny % of Brent’s pavements.

Some areas in Kilburn continue to be a mess with rubbish including Palmerston road. It certainly doesn’t help when businesses like this and this add to the fly tipping! Please report any issues you see in the area on the Cleaner Brent or Cleaner Camden apps. Every bit helps! Did you know that the Clean Camden App (works and Camden and Brent) is easier to use?

Can you volunteer help to produce a three-course meal for your local community? FoodCycle Kilburn are after some help.

Some spare time to volunteer to help combat isolation?

A new Dementia Cafe has opened in Watling Gardens. Sessions every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm. To help fund the opening of a Tech and Creativity hub in the same space, do attend this gig at The Fiddler

Somebody really loves Kilburn.

How long does it take to fix pedestrian traffic lights on Kilburn High Road? We reported the issue on 1st May, the lights were still not working on 10th May, apparently spare parts had to be ordered!

Abbey community centre are also after some volunteers at their cafe.

The new builds as part of the regeneration of South Kilburn seem to be having a lot of building defect issues.

Some lovely pictures of Ye Olde Bell Pub back in the day.

World record for being buried alive the longest (61 days)! It had to be in Kilburn…

Some great street photography shots by a local photographer aptly named ‘Life in Kilburn’.

New Wayfinding displays were installed by Kilburn Station. Shame they signpost to the Tricycle Theatre and Cinema and do not show our Community Centres. Makes you wonder who has approved them?

Looking for a children playscheme for half-term?

“Kilburn Polytechnic”? Yes before it was changed into flats.

Edinburgh are launching a one afternoon a month car free days. We think it should also happen in Kilburn High Road. For those who think it is not possible, we will have a car free day in July 2020.

Kilburn’s grime becomes art. Can you guess where it is?

Just heard that a poor Kitty has been involved in a car accident. Can you spare a few pounds to help him back to health?

And finally, crack in Kilburn’s McDonalds.

What is happening this fortnight

13th May – Mapesbury Dell AGM15th May

16th May: Music fundraising night at “The Fiddler”

17th May Arts Night at Sweet and Savoury

17th May. Opening of new exhibition at Kingsgate Project Space

18th May- Piano Concert at St Cuthbert’s Church. Free with donations for Foodcycle.

18th May Bright Night Music at the Priory Tavern

24th May. 1-3.30pm “Kaisers Spies” talk by Dick Weindling at the Sidings Community Centre

What is happening a bit later

31st May Music at the Tin Tabernacle

31st May First night of “Wife” at Kiln Theatre

1st June- Fordwych Summer Fair.

5th June Family day in Grange Park

9th June- Historical Kilburn Walk. Book early.

15th June – Midsummer opera evening at Mapesbury Dell

2nd June Upfront Comedy at the Kiln.

29th-30th June – Queen’s Park Book Festival

7th July – Family wild day at Mapesbury Dell

19th September “Abbey Autumn Festival£ at Abbey Community Centre.

12th October Heritage Fair at Sidings Community Centre.

Regular Events

Monday Nights: comedy/show nights at the North London Tavern, Open Mic at Sir Colin Campbell

7pm-8:30pm Kingsgate readers group at the Kingsgate Community Centre (not on the 15th or 22nd April or bank holidays). Email for more info

Tuesday Nights  quiz at the Black Lion Kilburn and at the Priory Tavern. Comedy at the North London Tavern.

Wednesday nights:  open mic  at the Earl of Derby, Swing dance at the North London Tavern

Thursday Day:  Watling Gardens gardening club 10am -11:30amThursday nights: Karaoke at the Earl of Derby

Friday nights:  Live Irish Music at Sir Colin Campbelllive music at the North London Tavern, Karaoke nights at the Cock Tavern, band night at Earl of Derby and Live Music at Maison Vie.

Saturday day from 11am to 1pm Gardening in the St Cuthberts garden

Saturday 1.15pm Free Foodcycle Lunch at St Cuthbert’s Church- All welcome.

Saturday nights: Live Irish Music at Sir Colin Campbell, retro evenings at the North London Tavern, DJ night at Earl of Derby.

Sunday nights:  quiz at the North London Tavern, Live Irish Music at Sir Colin Campbell. Live Irish music at the Black Lion pub 6pm – 8pm

If you have news, an event, some local history or just a favourite corner of Kilburn you’d like to share please email us news@lifeinkilburn.com or tweet to @lifeinkilburn.

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