What’s happened this fortnight 13th October 2019

Want to find out what is planned for the big Street Party on Kilburn High Road on 11th July 2020? Please register to attend the meeting on 16th October at 6.30pm. We will all be affected by the expected 100000 visitors!

Brent Council are consulting on their draft Action Plan for the ‘Night Time Economy in Kilburn’. Consultation is opened until 3rd November. Please do read the report and answer the questionnaire wether you are based in Brent or Camden. We do welcome the fact that Kilburn has gained some importance in Brent’s agenda. However we are puzzled by the fact that most of the background data used to inform this report is Brent based, very little mention of Camden. We also question why public realm improvements are part of this action plan. We have been promised public realm improvements since 2013 and they should happen regardless of this plan. We have still not heard back about the promised October Consultation on the High Road Improvements.

Old Brent Council Sign at the entrance of Albert Road-Look how much green space there was!

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What’s happened this fortnight 29th September 2019

Sadly there was a stabbing on the 21st September in Kilburn square. A 16 year old boy was stabbed. A further 3 stabbing incidents happened on 22nd September in Kilburn. If you have any information please contact Crime Stoppers on 0800555111 or here. We wish that the promise made in September 2018 by Inspector Berns to have more cooperation between Policing units in Kilburn finally materialises. Please help keep our commuity safe and report crime (including drug use and dealing, reselling of stolen goods, shop lifting and Anto Social Behaviour). This can be done using 999 or online here. IT IS IMPORTANT, AS IF IT IS NOT REPORTED IT DOES NOT EXIST AND SCARCE POLICE RESOURCES ARE DIVERTED TO OTHER AREAS.

Graham Norton revealed that he was even once stabbed in Kilburn…

The Traid shop in Kilburn was featured in British Vogue. Read about the window dresser who creates amazing designs on the mannequins here. We spotted the master in action here.

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What’s happened this fortnight 15th September 2019

Thank you to Brent Council for fixing up the base of this tree in front of 330 Kilburn High Road. One more small improvement made along the high road.

What excellent weather for an excellent day in Queen’s Park! The apple/pear juice from transition Kensal to Kilburn was delicious.

A man was caught selling chainsaws on the high road. We were glad to hear the police were swiftly on their way.

Herbert Brown (Pawn Brokers) at 306 Kilburn High Road have closed for good.

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What’s happened this fortnight 1st September 2019

A new takeaway called ‘Fancy Italian‘ has opened up on Willesden Lane.

The planning application for change of use of McGoverns pub Cricklewood to a restaurant has been withdrawn by the applicant. So does this mean that Spicy Basil aren’t opening in Cricklewood?

The Black Lion Kilburn are looking to rent out their kitchen. An opportunity for a pop-up restaurant?

Snappy Snaps hasn’t closed in Kilburn after all. The previous operator was a franchisee. It is now operated directly by Snappy Snaps.

At last, the 3 year old dead Christmas tree has been removed from Il’ Korner’s window at 218 Kilburn High Road. No new tenant though…

If some of you ever wondered wether Ariana I did really exist in Manahattan, well here is the proof it does.

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What’s happened this fortnight 18th August 2019

Some Kilburn love was clearly evident this fortnight. The Londonist marvelled at our Gormley Statue while a new visitor found Kilburn beautiful. This in turn created love reactions… here, here and here. And kindness was once again on show in a moment of need in our caring Kilburn.

The weather has been rather remisniscent of colder months than August this fortnight. Fly tips even took on a winter look. Several trees were uprooted last weekend in the Mapesbury area, see here and here.

A reminder on Belsize Road that Kilburn (or rather East Kilburn) was part of the Borough of Hampstead. Did you know that the motto for the Borough was ‘non sibi sed toti’?

Belsize Road signage.
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What’s happened this fortnight 4th August 2019

A small part of Kilburn became Notting Hill this fortnight for the filming of the TV mini series ‘Small Axe’, with Director Steve McQueen. Glad too see that some of the set has been left behind.

Kingsgate road
Kingsgate Road
Pulse Bakery Prices

On the hottest day of the year there was a fire near the train line and ALDI couldn’t keep their stock cold but we managed to cool off and enjoy a film about Kilburn’s history at the Sheriff centre.

Opened on 1st August

We now need the water play feature to be fixed! Cross your fingers it might be on 5th August!

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Kingsgate Road transformed into All Saints Road, Notting Hill

Filming of ‘Small Axe’

Have you been to witness the transformation of Kingsgate Road, between Messina Avenue and Gascony Avenue?

The set design and film crews for ‘Small Axe‘ directed by Steve McQueen and starring John Boyega and Letitia Wright have taken over this stretch of Kingsgate Road right here in Kilburn.

Be ready for some star spotting!

The centre piece of the set is the Mangrove Restaurant, originally at 8 All Saints Road.

Below are a few pictures.

What’s happened this fortnight 21st July 2019

We have 2 winners of the London Curry AWARDS 2019 in Kilburn. @vijayindiauk for “South Indian Curry Restaurant of the year” and @AnjanaasLondon for best “South Indian Dining experience of the year”. Try them out if you haven’t yet. Want to know more about Vijay’s link to the Beattles, read here.

We tried and loved the £17.95 “all you can eat” lunchtime offer at Philipsan Sushi.

Improvements will be coming to the pavements of Kilburn High Road. The deadline for implementation is 11th July 2020. Check out some of the photos we took at the meeting here and here of wider footpaths, new trees, improvements to encourage cycling and more benches. This was a pre-consultation meeting so we sadly cannot share the whole presentation!

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Lonnie Donegan’s Plaque unveiling on 13th July 2019

A plaque for Lonnie Donegan was unveiled by his son Peter outside the
ENO ( English National Opera) building in Broadhurst Gardens today.

Lonnie recorded ‘Rock Island Line’ at the Decca Studios 65 years ago
today. This record accelerated the growth of Skiffle which led on to
rock and the Beatles.

Jim Carter who made a documentary called ‘Lonnie and Me’ is at the back.

picture by Dick Weindling

Some music by Lonnie Donnegan here