What’s happened this week 20th May 2018

Architectural excellence in Kilburn? RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architecture) and Resi (Residential development) think so, with both Kingsgate School in Maygrove road and Kilburn Quarter in South Kilburn winning important awards this week.

The Granville Community Kitchen also won an award for being a Urban Food Hero.

The Manchester United fans promised to turn Kilburn red on Saturday and they managed to do so at all major pubs, the street and in Grange Park. Continue reading

What’s happened this week 13th May 2018

Some unusual objects in the vicinity of Sainsbury’s local this week…Golden shoes, a Piano

Brent Council have published on 8th May a planning application for the redevelopment of the Good Ship site. The application proposes to create flats at upper levels but more controversially to change the use of the ground level from Public House to D1 medical use (dentist/optometrist/doctor/Physiotherapist). The planning, design and access statement is worth a read. The Good Ship was (before its closure in October 2017) the last live music venue on the Kilburn High Road and one of the few nightlife venues remaining. Please click here to find out why we think the site should be retained as a Music/Comedy venue and comment on the planning application.

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Why retaining the “Good Ship” site as a Music and Comedy venue is important for Kilburn.

We don’t want to dwell on the past but…

The Kilburn High Road , not so long ago, used to be known in London as the “Music Mile”. Progressively most live entertainment venues have disappeared. To name just a few, The Luminaire, nationally acclaimed as a stepping stone for new musical talents, the Gaumont State where acts as famous as Sinatra and the Beatles performed, The National where the Who and many others played, the Powers Bar, again an important live venue owned by the founder of Mean Fiddlers….It is sad to report that the Gaumont State became a Church although Andrew Lloyd Webber wanted to use the building as a school for Musical artists and as a performance venue. It did not happen because some local groups opposed the move on the basis of parking disturbances. Pubs, serving locals and attracting visitors to the area, have also disappeared, e.g. Biddy Mulligan’s, now a bookmaker, the Ironworks, the Betsy Smith, the McGoverns, the Red Lion and the list goes on. Continue reading

2018 Local elections results by Ward

Kilburn is covered by 6 wards.There were some surprising results with Brondesbury Park ward loosing its 3 Conservative Councillors in favour of 3 new Labour Councillors.

The Kilburn area is now represented fully by Labour Councillors, except for one Liberal Democrats Councillor in Fortune Green Ward.

Quite a few new faces, 2 in Brent Kilburn, 3 in Brent Brondesbury Park, 2 in Brent Mapesbury and 3 in Camden West-Hampstead ward. Fortune Green and Camden Kilburn continue with the same Councillors.

Results by ward.

Brent Brondesbury

Brent Kilburn

Camden Fortune Green

Camden Kilburn

Camden West-Hampstead

Brent Mapesbury