Camden Safer Travel travel scheme- Kilburn High Road scheme

On the 19th April we lead a campaign for both Brent and Camden Councils to implement safer travel measures on Kilburn High Road, to enable social distancing of pedestrians.

In May 2020 Camden announced changes that they would make and as we predicted these changes have not proven to be useful as expressed here.

Kilburn High Road is extremely busy with pedestrians using the essential shops and services of the High Road. Additionally the measures implemented on Finchley Road have redirected a significant amount of traffic from Finchley Road (the main link to the M1) to the A5 corridor. Thus the road has a significant amount of traffic from both pedetrians and vehicles.

The measures implemented by Camden are useless. The barriers are permanently moved, the space (when maintained) is used by shops and for rubbish bags and the stretches of widened pavement are not long and wide enough.

Thus we call on Camden Council to revisit the safer travel measures. The barriers need to be sturdier, ie none moveable and extend to longer stretches and provide a wider space. If this is not possible then the barriers need to be removed totally as the current scheme doesn’t provide any help and in fact is a hindrance for all. We would welcome the permanent wider pavements promised in July 2019 instead!

Below are a few pictures taken on the 8th December 2020 that illustrate the problems we have identified.