Kilburn Street Party – 11th July 2020

We attended a meeting on 16th October to try to find out more. We were disappointed that only 1 of the 12 Councillors, that cover the Kilburn High Road, was present.

There has been progress in developing the ideas for the Party since we last officially heard about it on 18th June 2019 at the Brent Connects Kilburn meeting.

A number of attendees were concerned about the fact that the Party would be about Brent and not about Kilburn. Also it was difficult to understand who in Kilbun has been part of the team or has had an input into the contents of the Party.

We had a meeting in March 2019 with the Consultant doing the feasibility study and made it very clear that this Party would be accepted by the Kilburn Community only if it was about Kilburn. We also know that this consultant met with our local historians. Unfortunately we are still unsure how the information that was gathered then has been relayed to the current team.

Here is the presentation that was made and for the moment the only way to have an input seems to be by becoming a volunteer. It was noted that Camden and Brent residents can volunteer.