Planning Application 20/1714- 141 Kilburn High Road

Future Leisure Ltd have made the above planning application to change the old William Hill unit at 141 Kilburn High Road into an adult gaming centre.

We need you to object on the basis of Brent’s DMP3 policy below.

Right next to the site at 139 Kilburn High Road there is a Pawnbroker, HT Pawnbrokers. Granting this planning application would be in breach of “a minimum of 4 units in an alternative use in-between each”

Looking at further afield, there is a school in Priory park Road, within very close proximity to the proposed site.

A list of pawn brokers, adult amusement centres and betting shop within immediate vicinity

  1. H&T Pawn Brokers at 139 Kiburn High Road
  2. Cashino ( adult amusement centre) at 130 Kilburn High Road
  3. Betfred (betting shop) at 127 Kilburn High Road
  4. Palace Amusements at 108 Kilburn High Road

Within Kilburn High Road there are also these institutions:

  1. HT Pawnbrokers at 63 Kilburn High Road- Brent
  2. Cookes Amusement at 40 Kilburn High Road- Camden
  3. William Hill at 40a Kilburn High Road- Camden
  4. HT Pawnbrokers 9 Kilburn Bridge- Brent
  5. Ladbrokes 69/71 Kilburn High Road- Brent
  6. City Slots 89 Kilburn High Road- Brent
  7. Betfred (betting shop) at 127 Kilburn High Road-Brent
  8. Palace Amusements at 108 Kilburn High Road- Camden
  9. Cashino ( adult amusement centre) at 130 Kilburn High Road- Camden
  10. HT Pawnbrokers 139 Kilburn High Road- Brent
  11. Ladbrokes 205 Kilburn High Road- Brent
  12. Paddy Power 251-255 Kilburn High Road- Brent
  13. Cash Exchange 303 Kilburn High Road – Brent
  14. Cash Converters 315 Kilburn High Road- Brent
  15. William Hill 319 Kilburn High Road- Brent

In summary there are currently 5 Pawnbrokers, 6 betting shops and 4 Adult amusement centres. The majority (11 units ) are on the Brent side of the Kilburn High Road, some of them taking more than one shop unit. On the basis that Kilburn High Road has a total of 300 retail units, and that half of them are on the brent side (150), a large proporttion of the Town Centre frontage is already occupied by betting, adult gaming, pawn brokers units, in our opinion more than 10%,

Please object to this planning application on the basis that it is in breach of DMP3 policy and because granting this permission would generate a large concentration of gaming centres within the stretch of the High Road between numbers 108 to 143.