Proposed Kilburn Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) bids for December 2018

We have a favour to ask of Kilburn locals. Can you please write an email of support in favour of the below three NCIL bids for December? Money is available to help improve our local neighbourhood but we need businesses and locals to help support these bids to make them happen.

Unfortunately the deadline is today BUT….. it won’t take you long to do.

All you need to do is email Richard Hay our Town Centre Manager (Kilburn, Colindale & Burnt Oak) the following:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Say why you are writing – e.g. to support the project for submission to the Neighbourhood CIL bid
  • Why you think the project is a good idea and why there is need
  • What benefits it will bring to the area (e.g. things like cultural improvements, improved public realm, greater prosperity)
  • What impact the project will make for local residents.

Here’s the info on the proposed Kilburn Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) bids for December 2018

  1. Town Centres are a CIL priority for the Kilburn locality (which covers Brondesbury Park, Kilburn, Mapesbury and Queen’s Park wards).
  2. Community organisations, residents, businesses and other stakeholders are invited to submit proposals for neighbourhood improvement projects twice a year that align to this priority – which may then be delivered by the council. The total funding pot for the December round is £281,744
  3. These projects are one-off schemes (typically up to £100,000) that do not require additional revenue funding in their delivery or its operation
  4. The projects put forward here reflect local consultation with Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan Forum, Brondesbury Residents and Tenants (BRAT), residents and local businesses.
  5. They are not the sum total of improvements planned for Kilburn, merely those which are currently most appropriate for this funding stream.
  6. We have prioritised the north end of Kilburn High Road as this is be a main gateway into the area and is particularly important to showcase Kilburn’s vibrancy for those arriving in 2020 as part of Brent’s London Borough of Culture celebrations.


Bid Why this is a priority What we want to do Cost


Bid One:

Kilburn Gateway


Kilburn station is the main gateway into the area for most public transport users. However, the area outside the station feels unsafe and run-down. This project is about providing a welcoming introduction to Kilburn and encouraging people to explore the area further. ·       Improve the lighting under the rail bridges

·       Repair the bespoke Kilburn High Road lamp columns between the station and Willesden Lane

·       Install a Kilburn neighbourhood map (by local artist Sian Pattenden) opposite the station entrance to improve wayfinding.


Bid Two:

Kilburn murals

This is the project for the north end of the High Road which encourages Kilburn station visitors to explore further into Kilburn. It helps tackle graffiti hotspots and makes the area feel cleaner, safer and more welcoming. Murals is intended a generic term which may also include lighting installations. Any designs will be agreed through community consultation.


Mural locations (subject to agreement with property owners):

·       Brondesbury station rail bridge

·       Side wall of Sainsbury’s Local

·       Above the launderette

·       Waterloo Passage (Willesden Lane)


Bid Three:

Willesden Lane Shop Front improvements

This is about encouraging economic growth and making Willesden Lane feel more open for business. It’s an area which suffers from a high proportion of empty shops and we want to increase footfall and promote the great businesses there.


·       A bespoke package of works for each business – e.g. signage, window displays, websites, lighting (subject to agreement with business owners)

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