What’s happened this fortnight 10th November 2019

Traffic chaos on the Kilburn High Road was created again by Thames Water fixing their chamber cover in front of 207 Kilburn High Road. This was their third attempt in one year! Let’s hope this time they did it right. We showed pictures of their previous attempts to the engineer from the company that supplies the covers. He could not believe what he saw and promised he would ensure that THIS time work would be done properly. Cross your fingers. We were disappointed to discover that Brent Council have granted permission for 2 Monoliths Advertising Panels to be installed on our pavements! They bring no benefit to Kilburn and  will further hinder pedestrians movements. Brent Council should be ashamed especially as we received assurances that permission would not be granted at the Kilburn High Road improvement meeting on 16th July 2019. At this meeting we were also promised a formal consultation in September. It’s now November and no sign of a consultation nor improvements! We attended the Insight Evening at the Kiln, and then went to see ‘When the Crows Visit’. Very powerful and dark play. Go and see if you can. And we got a scoop: Zadie Smith involvement in Brent Borough of Cultures 2020! All to be announced next week. Funky Burgoo has now closed for good. The first European Branch of ‘King of Naan, Kake-di-Hatti’ opened on Wednesday at 267 Kilburn High Road. We tried a few of their naans. Yum! What’s happening with Il’Korner at 218 Kilburn High Road? A new sign “Yusuf Food Ltd” has appeared on the door. It has been undergoing refurbishments for a long time now. A new chicken shop is opening on the Kilburn high road but it’s not just any old chicken shop, this one from the Philippines had huge queues when it opened in Earls Court last year. The North London Tavern are offering a 30% discount on food, from 5pm Monday to Wednesday. Do support our local independent traders and restaurants if you want to keep them! Here is offside books on Willesden Lane, Philipsan Sushi that are offering a great ‘all you can eat offer’ until the 24th December, Piccolo that we thought would close and a favourite,  Small & Beautiful. A local food blogger, Ms Marmitelover, rates Duck Duck Goose highly. A reminder that Street Kitchen have a stall every Friday evening in Kilburn Square, that all are welcome to share a delicious free vegetarian lunch every Saturday, cooked by the volunteers of Foodcycle at St Cuthbert’s Church and that the Abbey Community Centre offers a cheap lunch on Saturdays as well. Good news! one of the bridges by Kilburn Station has brand new pigeon proofing. This should help with reducing pigeon mess on the pavements and making our commute more pleasant. Bad news is that TFL only ‘pigeon proofed’ one bridge!. Tesco seem to have got the message about illegally unloading their delivery vehicles at 405 Kilburn High Road. Complaining works but is exhausting… Got daily phone calls from Tesco for 2 weeks. Nice to see that our Police Officers in Kilburn managed to shut down a massive Cannabis Farm, and caught a number of criminals wether on the Brent side or the Camden side of Kilburn. Some of their other achievements here, here, here, here, here and here. Well done Officers! The Local Government Boundary Commission have issued new draft proposals for the Camden side of Kilburn. You have until the 11th November to submit your comments. We have created a map showing how electoral wards have changed over time on the Camden Side. Interesting to see that the Priory Ward, in existence until 2002, has completely disappeared and that the Kilburn Ward, very much unchanged until 2002 has moved towards the South.
Kilburn House
Fancy a bit of gardening? Why not help every first Sunday of the month with the maintenance of the beds at Kilburn Tube Station from 11am to 1pm? Sidings Community Centre are fundraising for a winter outing for their youth club. Could you chip in? An extraordinary story about the Queen’s Arms pub. You do not seem to agree about  what is the best Kilburn Pub to watch football. Dr. Michael Mosley bought his first flat in Kilburn. Brent and Camden topped the tables of the number of reported fly tips. Keep reporting to highlight the problem and maybe shame them into action? Please take a few minutes to ask for Public Toilets in Grange Park in this consultation or suggest other park improvements. The Sidings Community Centre are running handy craft workshops to help you make your Christmas presents. We are sad that the Brent Borough of Culture team do not seem to know Kilburn well, placing the ghost sign on Messina Avenue in Kilburn Park Road  and that they are misrepresenting our High Road in their presentation of the street party. ‘The original London Road’ is a complete invention but they forgot to mention the Music Mile and… Kilburn doesn’t have the oldest WHSmith shop but we have the first Primark store outside Ireland! Why is this building so ugly? Used to be Our Price, Virgin Megastore, Clinton Cards etc… Sadly massive trees were cut in Paddington Old Cemetery. A waste transfer station in Iverson Road? We hope not. And because Kilburn is Kilburn and there is no enforcement and no enforcementWhat’s happening this fortnight Until 30th November ‘When the crows visit‘ at the Kiln 11th November ‘TOUTS at the Fiddler 12th November Camden Green Gym will be at Maygrove Peace Park 12th November Age UK will be in Grange Park to demonstrate the safe use of the Gym Equipment and will serve drinks. 13th NovemberThe Hooten Hallers at the Fiddler 14th November Bassrewind Event at the Granville. 14th November BRAT (Brondesbury Residents and Tenants) AGM at 7pm 15th November Opening of new Billboard and Exhibitions at Kingsgate Project Space 16th November Live Music at the Priory Tavern 21st November Hollie Rogers at the Fiddler 23rd November History Walk of Kilburn led by Alan. 23rd November ‘The Kopy Katz’ at the Fiddler 24th to 26th November Kingsgate Open Studios Weekend. What’s happening a bit later 29th November ‘Comedy Night’ at the North London Tavern 1st December The David Sinclair Four at the Fiddler 4th December ‘The 4ofus’ at the Fiddler 10th December ‘Comedy Night’ at the North London Tavern 10th and 11th December ‘Mundy’ at the Fiddler From 10th December ‘Snowflake’ at the Kiln Theatre 18th DecemberEleanna’ at the Fiddler 22nd January 7-9pm Safer Neighbourhood Panel (SNP) Proposed Kilburn Ward panel meeting If you have news, an event, some local history or just a favourite corner of Kilburn you’d like to share please email us news@lifeinkilburn.com or tweet to @lifeinkilburn.