What’s happened this week 29th April

The old Minkies in Kilburn tube station will reportedly re-open soon as Costa.

Did you know that the Primark site on Kilburn High road used to be an old BHS store? The foundation stone of the Burton Store next door is now half covered up…

The demolition of the South Kilburn Housing Estate continues, bringing nostalgia for some.

A T-shirt company is celebrating the musical history of Kilburn.

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What’s happened this week 22nd April

There is intrigue surrounding who/what is about to move into 290 Kilburn High Rd (opposite Moran’s). There are lots of tables set up but the builders fitting it out won’t tell us. Please let us know if you know more!

On Friday the Prime Minister of Jamaica visited Kilburn and attracted large crowds queuing round the block.

Ever been interested to know what is inside the “Gaumont State” and missed the opportunity during the Ministerial visit? You can visit every week on Wednesdays between 12 and 2pm . The Beatles and many other famous bands once appeared there! If you do not have time to visit in person explore what it looked like in 2009.

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What’s happened this week 15th April

The BIG News this week was the rebranding of our beloved Theatre/Cinema on 11th April. It took most of us by surprise despite a teaser on 10th April (wanted to give you a link, but the Tricycle Theatre has already vanished…). The change received varied levels of approval, which can be expected when rebranding such a famous venue and landmark in Kilburn… Some locals, from founding members to just frequent users have started a petition. The Kiln Theatre was very quick to implement the name change but missed the sign on the Medical Centre next door. The best news is that a full new line up of productions has been announced, starting in September.  Here is an explanation from the Artistic Director, Indhu Rubasingham.  Meanwhile… a theatre group in Birmingham was puzzled by the change, OOPS… Continue reading What’s happened this week 15th April

Welcome to our first newsletter

We are a couple of passionate locals who want to share what’s happening in and around Kilburn. We hope you enjoy the updates.

This week there was a fire on the Kilburn High road on Tuesday night above the Oxfam shop. The high road was closed both ways between Willesden Lane & Quex Road. Around 60 firefighters attended and two people were rescued. The cause of the fire is being investigated.

Pic from @LondonFire

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